Volume-7-issue-2-2021 >> Engineering

Volume 7 Issue 2 2021

Investigation of the performance of retrofitting a stationary 2.5 KW portable electric generator (gasoline) to utilize liquefied petroleum gas as an alternative fuel

Kuponiyi, D. S., Okandeji, A. A.*, Olajide, M. B.3 and Jagun, Z. O.

A review of industrial automation level at ARMECO Plc: A top metal construction company in Nigeria

*Guma, T. N. and Onoja, V. A.

An Assessment of Household Perceptions of Use of ICT and Improved Methods of Waste Management in Owerri, South East Nigeria.

Chukwudebe, G. A., Nwoko, C., Ayogu, I. I., Ikerionwu, C., Amadi, E. C., and Ogu, R. E.

Multiobjective optimization of integrated milling-sieving-dewatering machine for grain slurry starch production

Egwuagu O. M.1, Nwankwojike B. N.2 and F. I. Abam2