Volume-6-issue-2-2020 >> Engineering

Volume 6 Issue 2 2020

A hypothetical investigation of inductive, capacitive and resistive transduction performance of electric energy converters in electricity industry: A review

Nwozor O. E. and Olumoko, O. E.

A review of the functional and analytical characteristics of thyristor controlled series capacitor (TCSC) in electric power system.

Nwozor O. E. and Olumoko O. E.

Stress analysis of thick rectangular plate using higher order polynomial shear deformation theory

Onyeka, F. C.* and Osegbowa, D. E.

Design and development of a computer controlled switching system via universal serial bus port.

Jagun, Z. O. O., Okandeji, A. A.*, Olajide, M. B., Kabir, M. T., Onaifo, F. and Alao, P. O.