Volume-5-issue-1-2019 >> Agriculture

Volume 5 Issue 1 2019

Assessing the Influence of the Climatic Factors on the Maximum Dry Density of Soils: Effects on Erosion.

*Uja E.U., Okereke, N.A.A., Nwandikom G.I., Madubuike C.N. and Egwuonwu, C.C.

Comparative Analysis of Physicochemical Properties of Ackee Apple (Blighiasapida) Seed Oil and other Seed Oils for Bioresin Production

*Orhevba, B.A, Yusuf, O. H and Shuaib, S.

Fertilization, Hatching, Growth and Survival Rates of Normally Pigmented and Albino Frys and Fingerlings of Clarias Gariepinus (Burchell 1822)

*Abdulraheem, I., Onimisi, H.U., Idi-Ogede, A.M. and Kehinde, K. O.

Comparative Analysis of Technical Efficiency and Profitability of Broiler and Layer Production Enterprises in Aba Agricultural Zone, Abia State, Nigeria

*Onu, D. O. and Okoronkwo, F. C.