Volume-4-issue-2-2018 >> Engineering

Volume 4 Issue 2 2018

5G Wireless Network Mobility Management and Security Issues: An Overview of Existing Technologies

*Agubor C. K., Atimati E. E. and Akande A. O.

The Use of Natural Antioxidant Active Polymer Packaging for Food Preservation: A Review

*Iheaturu N. C., Nwakaudu A. A., Nwakaudu M. S. and Owuamanam C. I.

Evaluation of Efficiency of Nickel Removal from Simulated Paint Effluent through Coagulation-Flocculation Using Ferric Sulphate and Chitosan

*Ezeamaku, U.L., Chike-Onyegbula, C.O., Odimegwu, E.N., Eke, P.C., Eze, K.T., Iheaturu, N.C.