Volume-4-issue-1-2018 >> Engineering

Volume 4 Issue 1 2018

An Empirical Study of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology Model for E-Health Technology in Lagos, Nigeria

Osifeko, M. O.*, Oyedeji, A. O., Abolade, O. R., Alao, P. O., Ade-Ikuesan, O. O. and Folorunsho, O.

Development and Evaluation of a Motorized Plantain Slicing Machine.

*Chilakpu, K. and Ezeagba, A. C.

Development of Fault Monitoring and Management Application for Automatic Teller Machines

Okoli, U. B. and *Agubor, C. K.

FTIR Characterization and Thermal Degradation of Core-Shell Clay Filled Epoxy Composites

*Iheaturu, N. C. and Ofoegbu, S. U.

Performance Evaluation of PD and LQR Controller for Coupled Mass Spring Damper System

Okubanjo, A.A*, Oyetola, O.K, Ade-Ikuesan, O.O, Olaluwoye, O.O, Alao, P.O

Modification and Performance Evaluation of Maize Threshing and Shelling Machine

Chilakpu, K. O., Ezeagba, A. C. and Ezeanya, N. C

Development of Periwinkle Shell Capsule for the Control of Water pH for Poultry Farming in Owerri Environs, Nigeria

*Nwaonuma, C. N., Okereke, C. D., Egwuonwu, C. C. and Chilakpu, K. O.

Assessing the Vulnerability of Awka South Soil to Gully Erosion

*Nwagwu, O. J., Madubuike, C. N., Okereke, C. D., Wole, R., Chilakpu, K. O.

Towards Cloud Automation for Spatial Internet of Things Metering

*Okafor, K. C., Ugwoke, F. N. and Okoro, N. J.

Harvesting RF Energy for Mobile Devices using Dynamic Weight Adaptive Techniques

Mshelia, Y. A.*, Usman, A. D. and Sani, S. M.

Impact of Seasonal Variability on River Quality

*Ogbozige, F.J., Adie, D.B. and Igboro, S.B.

Aircraft Visibility Improvement with Dedicated Instrument Landing System (ILS)

Mbaocha, C. C., *Ekwueme, E. U., Nosiri, O. C. and Chukwuchekwa, N.

Evaluation of Matured Oil Field Rim through Fluid Contacts Movement

*Onwukwe S. I and Izuwa N. C

Extraction and Application of Natural Dyes from Rothmannia Whitfieldii (Uri) and Baphia Nitida (Uhie)

Nnorom, O. O, Iheonye, A. E., Obidiegwu, M. U. and Iheaturu, N. C.

Effects of Fibre Acetylation and Fibre Content on the Properties of Piassava Fibre Reinforced Polystyrene

Obasi, H. C., Nwanonenyi, S. C., Chiemenem, L. I. and Nwosu-Obieogu, K.