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Volume 2 Issue 2



Trend and Growth Rate Analysis of Commercial Bank Credit and Agricultural Output in Nigeria (1960 – 2013)

*Nse-Nelson, F. A., Nwaru, J. C. and Nduka, C.U.

Effects of Household Foods on Health Status of Farmers- Implication on Farm Labour Productivity in Ahiazu Mbaise Imo State, Nigeria

*Nwaiwu, I.U.O, Obasi, P.C., Korie, O.C., Ben-Chendo, N.G., Uhuegbulem, I.J. and Anyanwu, F.C.

Effects of Different Soil Potting Mixture on the Early Growth of Mahogany (Khaya Senegalensis) A. Juss

Saka, M. G., Amadi, D .C. A and Olaniyi W. A

Assessment of Post-Harvest Losses and Fungal Organisms Associated with Some Fruits Sold in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

Ihejirika, G.O., Nwufo, M.I., Ofor, M.O., Ogbedeh, K.O., Ojiako, F.O., Agbanelo, C., Akalazu, J.N. and Ajaero, P.K.

Socio-Economic Effects of Climate Change Variables on Cocoyam Production in Nigeria

Eze, C. C , Korie, O. C., Ben- Chendo, G. N. and Nwaiwu, I. U.

Analysis of Value Addition and Livelihood Diversification among Fadama Users in Imo State, Nigeria

Obasi, P. C. and Enyia, C. O.

Effects of Selected Land Use on Soil Reaction and Heavy Metal Concentration in an Ultisol in Umudike, Abia State Southeast Nigeria

Nwosu T. V, Ekpe, I.I. and Ojimgba, O.

Effect of Organic Wastes on Soil Heavy Metal Concentration and Growth Characteristics of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus L.) in an Ultisol

Ekpe I.I, Okere, S. E., Agim L.C, Ahukaemere,C.M, Ihemtuge, S. C., Okoye, C., Onuora M.D. and Nwaigwe M.O.